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Semen a Natural Antidepressant for Women

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Until recently, scientist believed that sole purpose of semen was to nourish and protect sperm on their way to fertilization. But a latest study has revealed that semen helps in reducing depression in women and elavating their mood.

The study was conducted by psychology proffessor Gordon Gallup at University of Albany which observed that females who were not using condoms for sexual intercourse were less depressed than females who did use condoms.

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Nearly 300 females filled out anonymous questionnaires designed to measure various aspects of their sexual behaviour, including frequency of sexual intercourse, the number of days since their last sexual act and whether or not they use condoms. The participants also filled a Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) which is widely used to measure and monitor mood changes in psychological distrubed individuala. According to Gallup, “females who engaged in sexual intercourse but never used condoms exhibited significantly lower scores on the BDI than those who usually or always used condoms.”

As it is known, semen mainly acts as a medium for sperm to swim through female vaginal tract into the fallopian tubes where fertilization takes place. However, it is interesting to understand why and how semen exhibits this amazing antidepressant action.

Sperms constitute about only 3% of total semen content. The rest of seminal fluid is a complex chemical activity formed by mostly water and about 50 other compounds such as sugar (to nourish sperm), immunosuppresants (to sperm destruction from women’s immune system) Most importantly it is observed that semen carries many mood elavating compounds like endorphins, estrone, prolactin, oxytocin, thyrotrophin-releasing hormone, and serotonin. In those women (or their partners) who do not use condoms during sex are exposed to semen. Duriing the sexual act, various chemical compounds are thus set in the circulation and thus result in overall antidepressant effect.

The observation of the study however has spurred a debate on the use of condoms. Proffessor Gallup lastly cautions that this study does not advocate that people abstain from using condoms. ‘ Protecting oneslef from an unwanted pregnancy or a sexullay transmitted disease is far more important”.


Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Prevalance: Estimates that between 5 and 10 % of females of reproductive age are affected by PCOS.
Defination of PCOS: 1.) Oligo or anovulation, clinical (e.g hirsutism, acne, alopecia) and or

2.) Biochemical signs of hyperandrogenism (eg. elavated levels of total or free testosterone)
3.) Polycystic ovaries on USG
Clinical manifestation of PCOS:
a.) Reproductive disorders – hyperandrogenism (ovarian and adrenal), ammenorrhoea (intermittent or complete), polycystic ovaries, high rates of miscarriage, hypersecretion of LH.
b.) Metabolic disorder – hyperinsulinemia, obesity, hyperlipedemia
c.) Steroidegenic disorders – hirsutism, acne vulgaris, androgenetic alopecia, acanthosis nigricans
PCOS largely affects three F’s of a women viz. face, figure and fertility..
Pathophysiology of PCOS: rollercoaster of hormones: women with PCOS have increased pulsative GnRH release, which results in increased levels of LH and decreased levels of FSH in most individuals.
higher LH (and insulin) levels seem to cause increased androgen production by follicular theca cells whereas decreased FSH levels leads to anovulation.
obesity and insulin resistance decrease levels of sex hormone binding globulin and thereby increase testosterone bioactivity.
maintain blood glucose levels, improve metabolic parameteres and improve lipid metabolism (improve lipid profile)
Common treatments:
lifestyle changes – such as weight loss and exercise
medications – such as oral contraceptives and insulin senitizers

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Herbal remedy:
curcuma longa – antiandrogenic and antiobesity properties of curcumin
gymnema sylvestra – significant antidiabetic activity and a hypolipidemic activity
pterocarpus marsupium – insulinogenic because of post receptor intracellular medication by d-chiro-inositol
zinc oxide – an effective dietary adjuvant therapy to manage cardiovascular risk factors in PCOS patients
emblica officinalis – act as a hypolipidemic agent reducing the risk of cardiovascular complications in diabetics