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Friday, April 26th, 2013

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Lose Weight with Ayurveda

Friday, April 12th, 2013

Lose weight with Ayurveda
Ayurveda is a Hindu system of traditional medicines which uses the inherent principles of nature, to help maintain health in a person by keeping the individual’s body, mind and spirit in perfect equilibrium with nature.
In Ayurveda-India’s traditional system of medicine based on living canadian online pharmacy a balanced life in harmony with the changing cycles of nature- there are three factors that rule how healthful your diet is: what, when and how you eat.
For the past 30 years we have put most of our attention on what to eat with very little attention on when and how to eat. We have been counting calories, reducing fats, increasing proteins, eating more, cutting out carbohydrates and basically experimenting with every possible weight loss plan and dietary variation with little or no success.
While Americans have experienced an unprecedented rise in weight gain and cardiovascular disease in the past 20 years, Europeans seem to be immune from this epidemic.
In France, people eat an extremely high fat diet; in Germany and England, meat is eaten at every meal; in tally, they enjoy a high-crab diet rich in wine, bread and paste. All four countries have low rates of heart dieses and obesity. It seems the biggest risk factors for weight gain and heart disease is being an American.
In1992, the national institute of health reported that 99 percent of all people who go on a diet gain all the weight back in three to five years. In addition, most diet  leaves us craving what the previous diet told us we shouldn’t eat if we want to lose weight. Most diet since have offered little more than symptomatic relief for what the previous diets have left us craving. What is interesting when we compare our eating habits with the Europeans is that we find that the European diet is similar to the Ayurvedic approach to eating—it is a more balanced perspective on the what, when and how to eat.
What to eat
In Ayurveda, it is suggested that our best medicines is foods harvested in-session. Nature provides us humans a similar antidote to the cold of winter- soups, stews, meats, grains and fats; it is the high protein, high fat time of year.
In the spring, the rules change. Nature again provides the antidote with low fat, mucous reducing foods such as leafy greens, sprouts, and berries, root vegetables to help keep us from getting overheated and dried out.
In the summer, the rules change again. During the hot summer months, nature harvests cool fruits and vegetables to help keep us from getting overheated and dried out.
When to eat
We have become a fast-food and comfort-food culture that rarely stops and eats meals. We always seem to be on the run. When we miss meals, the blood sugar dips; and shortly thereafter we begin to think about comfort foods our blood sugar has become unstable, and thus we complain of low energy, mood swing and focus problem.
The medicinal diet for hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) is to eat six meals a day. This is a medicine – not a way of life! To really fix the problem of unstable blood sugar, we have to slowly get our blood sugar back into balance by eating meals, not snacks throughout the day. In Europe, people eat three meals a day and few snacks, if any.
To begin the weight loss process, try eating three substantial meals a day without between-meal snacks. This will begin to nudge your blood sugar’s ability to make energy last from one meal to the next. In between meals, your body burns fat, which is your stable, non-emergency fuel. If you snack then, there is no need for your body to burn its stored fat.
Supper comes from the word “supplemental” or “soup”. As your blood sugar becomes more stable, notice how your hunger level in the evening will become less voracious. Slowly, as it becomes easier, begin to eat an earlier and lighter supper. It is through this process that you will begin to give your body permission to start burning fat instead of sugar and carbohydrates.
How to eat
Sitting down and eating a meal is becoming rarer in America. I Europe, people sit for every meal. They relax, dine and enjoy well-prepared food in a relaxed social setting.
This disconnects between mind and body while eating is more harmful then we relies. When you are relaxed, the digestive process is more effective. The mind and body are nourished and you can experience the taste of the food and assimilate the mental, physical and spiritual benefits of a balanced meal.
When terminally ill cancer patient were asked about the most important benefit of Ayurveda, the most common response was that they learned to sit down, relax and enjoy a balanced meal.

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“For permanent weight loss, one should follow Dincharya (daily routine by Veda), also, ritu charya (routine for different seasons) and Panchakarma (cleansing and rejuvenating program for the body, mind and consciousness).
In Dincharya, one should get up early as 5.00am and go to bed latest by 10.30 pm. also, deep sleep in afternoon causes weight gain. One should exercise (vyayama) till one sweat.
If one tends to overeat, one should eat laja of jawar and rice. During meals, one part of the stomach should be kept empty. Alasya (laziness) causes one to gain weight. Panchakarma helps in weight reduction.
One should not have fast food, cold drinks, potato, fermented products, and sweets ghee rich foods