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'Anupan' – By : Dr. Sachin Sharma

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Every liquid eg.- Madhu, ghee, etc. which is taken with drug or food or after drug or food intake are called Anupana. Acharya charka said that every lipuid which intake after Ahar (Food) is Anupana but it is only for directional view. Acharya Dalhan also agree with Acharya charka they said that –

|| Annadanu paschat piyate ityanupanam || Ch. Su. 46/419
Anupana itself has meaning in its name-
Anu- After but Acharya Dalhan said that it is an indication for food.
Pan- Drinkable liquid

paxil and celexa

In Ayurveda Acharyas did not mention anupana as a part of fun but a deep knowledge of ancient science present behind these theories. Anupana have some specific characters like –

1. Just opposite nature to food – ex: – hot nature anupana after cold nature food intake.
2. Not opposite to Dhatus – ex: – curd after milk
3. Just opposite to Dosas – ex: – in case of kaphaj disease we should take hot anupana.
4. Same nature to Medicine – ex: – cold anupana after pitta shamak medicine
5. Dependable upon disease and time – ex: – in primary case of fever we should take Usnodak (samehot water). Or liquor is good in Vat rogas in winter season but not in summer.
If we take anupana before food it creates weakness, in the middle of food it does not creates weakness or heaviness and if we take after food it creates heaviness in the body. So we can take anupana according to our requirements.

In Ayurveda best Anupana- Madhu.

According to doshas

1. V- Snigdha and Ushna
2. P- Madhur and Cold
3. K- Ruksha and Ushna
4. For week person – Alcohal is very good anupana also mandagni, Anidra etc.
5. For obes person – Madhu
6. Upvas, Marggaman, exercise after coming from hot temperature environment in these conditions best anupana is – milk
According to diseases

1. Fever – Tulsi leaf swaras , Adrak swaras , madhu, chiraita, sugandha bala, Pitpapda, shading water.
2. Chronic fever and cough – Vardhman piplli, sitopladi + Madhu, Ghee, Boiled milk
3. Shwas – Vasa juce + Adrak juce + Madhu
4. T.B. – Pure shilagatu
5. Prameha – Amla ras + Haridra churn.
6. Vat rog – Pure gugglu + Lahasun
7. Aam vat – Gomutra + castar oil
8. Anaemia – Mandoor Bhasm
9. Worm – Vidang churna
10. Diarrhea – Kutaj twak churna
11. Grahni – Takra
12. Unmad – old cow ghee
13. Khustha – khader and sariva kwatha
14. Shvttra – Bakuchi seeds
15. Ajirna – Shayan
16. Urdvajatrugat rog – Tekshna aushadi nasya
17. Pashrva shula – Pushkar mula
18. Ashmari – Pashan bhad, kulatha seeds, Varun twak kwatha
19. Gulma – Shegrumul twak
20. Vidradhi – Raktamokshna
21. Swarabhed – Gargal with hot water and salt or pushkarmul kwatha with madhu
Contraindications after anupana: – we should avoid study, singing songs, bad rest and walking after anupana because it creates bad effects on doshas.

Now a days we have forgotten the anupana’s concepts which can helpful to us to gain good results of medicine in particular disease.