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Lumbar Spondylosis


Name : Svetlana
Sex : Female
Age : 76 years
Occupation : Social Worker
Nationality : Russian
Present complaints : lower backache,radiating pain in the left leg, backache,.On stress,disturbed sleep.
There is the L4-L5 disc prolapse causing radiating pain in the left leg
History of present complaints : 2 years
Prakruti : Vata constitution
On examination : Tenderness in low back, SLR positive,sleep-disturbed,pulse-88/min,vataja,BP-110/70 mm of Hg,tongue-slight coated,sinus-tenderness in left maxillary sinus
Diagnosis : MRI - lumbar spine- lumbar spondylosis
Treatment : Panchakarma - nasya,basti Ayurvedic therapies - Elakizhi, podikizhi, kati basti, pizhichil, abhyanga,shirodhara,dhara Medication - Ayurvedic classical medication
Diet restriction : Avoid bread, potatoes, excessive consumption of oily and dry food,cold items
Specification : Hard bed
Condition on discharge : lower backache-reduced, radiating pain in the left leg -reduced, backache-reduced, stress-reduced, sleep-better


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